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Here are 15 Adobe After Effects plugins, scripts, and extensions you can pick up for FREE. Happy 2020! Let me know what your favorite plugins are in the comments.


Check out the list of premium plugins here—

Squash and Stretch
from Mamoworld

Label Maker
from Plugin Everything

MamoWorld JSON
from Mamoworld

Motion Array
from Motion Array

AE Juice Starter Pack
from AE Juice

from AE Juice

Font Previewer
from AE Juice

Wipster Review Panel
from Wipster

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(affiliate link)

FX Console
from Video Copilot

from Video Copilot

from Video Copilot

Motion Factory Classic
From Pixflow

BOUNCr 1.1
from UkraMedia & pixelbot/Tim Thiessen

Butt Capper
from Battle Axe

Text Border
from Plugin Everything


Vegeta Coffee Mug

Blackmagic Pocket 6k

Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k G2

Canon 7D MII

Sony RX100

Aputure Light Storm LS C120D II

Aputure Amaran AL-MX Pocket LED

Aputure AL-F7

FalconEyes F7 Pocket LED


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  1. Download Dashlane for free on your first device by clicking here and automatically get a 30 day free trial of premium! No credit card required at signup!

  2. Are these copyrighted? I know they are free, but does that mean I can you them in commercial projects or no? And if I can, do I need to attribute where I got it from?

  3. Finally, someone who isn't, "Yo, yo it's ya boy–let me tell you about how cool I am for 5 minutes, before I start."

  4. Hi Boone, I love your channel.
    I was looking for an easy and quick eye-rig for a cartoon type animation and came across this free plug-in from Tom at Tool Farm.
    While the plug-in states that it was tested on AE 2013 CC and 2014 CC, it does work on 2019 CC.
    There is also a tutorial that show how to use it. Lastly, the the one thing I love about this plug-in is that you can set markers and the animation will Automatically blink at those markers.
    There was an expression error that caused the Marker feature not to work. I address this in the comment section on the link.
    I hope you find this plug-in fun to use.

  5. Hi I downloaded some plug ins from another website and I’m having a glitch where a red X comes up when I try use them will this happen with these plug ins if I download them?

  6. My new favorite plugin is this channel. Thank you and subscribed!

    Seriously though, there's too many of them to choose from, although Stardust comes pretty close

  7. Hi great work ! Would be nice if you try this plugin should be very handy 😊

  8. hello thx for the video , i downloaded Squash and Stretch but its not working , what should i do ? pls help.


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