I mean, I love CS6 but vs CC, there are some amazing benefits. Downloading the free version of cs6 is also stealing lol. Stop please. And you’ll never find a cracked version of Adobe CC.
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  1. The information was helpful I can say, But… too much talking, and No even one "Visual" example, or demonstration between the two versions CS6 VS CC. Next time use visuals please.

  2. I’m just trying to create flyers and stuff for my business do you think that it would be a good investment I’m constantly advertising

  3. i had a cracked edition of cc 18, but i ended up switching to cs6 because it's easier to use – i also use sony vegas 15 because i already had it, somehow downloaded a trial and it was cracked..i can't afford to pay like $20 a month to use creative cloud. i use it for video editing and that's all, but the reason why people crack it is because it's so expensive, it's not worth paying that much for a month, and it takes a while for people to get used to.

  4. Webflow is revolutionary if you haven't heard of them then prepare for your mind to be blown away, and I promise you.

  5. I'm on a budget laptop (dual 2.7 Ghz 8GB ram with integrated gfx) so CC is obviously far too slow and bloated for me.
    The bottom line is what you need the software for, and if the push to subscribe for these new features is truly worth it.
    CS6 does everything I need. I remember reading in one review that some new CC features were near-clones of what was already there, suggesting Adobe were running out of ideas with each new upgrade.
    A pay-once option for Photoshop might encourage more users to update, but given the current subscription model, Adobe will likely hold PS in higher regard now than ever, and want people to pay for lots of DLC 😉 Users will update or switch. Look at other Adobe software. Some forums note people moving from Adobe InDesign to the revamped QuarkXpress.
    With Adobe Illustrator, there's CorelDraw. Some people even prefer the freebie Inkscape given it's a lot simpler to use and not so overwhelming when it comes to the options available.
    Larger businesses may forever remain loyal to Adobe for various reasons and not consider any other software, but the small independents who just want great output and are willing to try something new don't need to stick. Especially if alternatives both input and output standard formats. Paintshop Pro is still a worthy competitor to Photoshop for photo editing.
    I like the revamped DrawPlus, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo as early competitor software too.

  6. You shouldn't pay a monthly fee for software, it isn't right. Video streaming is an exception. Some of us want to just buy one movie, so to speak.
    Screw you, Adobe.

  7. I'm tired of Adobe. Each new update of Adobe software gets heavier and heavier and your computer begins to struggle with it. Eventually, you'll have to buy a new PC just to keep giving Adobe it's money every month. And there's no real competition in sight. Lots of little programs that do one thing or another, but nothing that brings it all together in a single program like Adobe does. Eventually, every software will be a subscription. Even the crappy ones.

  8. I'm in high school and am on a small budget. I can't at all justify paying 10 USD/Month for Ps CC when I already own Ps CS6 and that has most of the features I need.

    Not everybody has big wallets

  9. Dangggg Loyale literally gave away my whole process of getting illustrator and photoshop the torrent way lolllll when you think your the only one. Welp I'm going to pay for the CC version now after this video, good looking out!

  10. I never got a virus. an adobe stole from me by killing fireworks my all time web design app. Under macromedia I brought all their apps.


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