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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Review

The latest CS6 incarnation of Adobe’s flagship video editor, Premiere Pro, focuses on usability. The plethora of buttons in previous versions has been cleared up, to foreground the video windows. The timeline has been tidied, too, for increased productivity. Adjustment layers are now supported, and there are some new effects capabilities including the powerful Warp Stabilizer. If you opt for the Production Bundle, the much-respected SpeedGrade now comes as part of the package. Overall, a massive usability update to match the 64-bit rendering engine overhaul of CS5.

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  1. 4xoverland Reply

    Adobe Premier is one of the buggiest edit programs ever. I'm a pro editor, and every upgrade (about two a year) has bugs in the program. And if its not premier that fails, its Media Encoder. They both crash daily! I have pressed on for four years since abandoning Apple, and now I am abandoning Premier. But I just hope that Avid can read my old series, or I am screwed!

  2. Byron Chen Reply

    Adobe Premiere Pro is basically a copy of Sony's Vegas Pro?

  3. 9waystreet Productions (Outdated) Reply

    Why are the videos in the project all laggy?

  4. chinchillawrangler Reply

    totally downloading this for free right now off piratebay

  5. Jakob Haenel Reply

    whats going on the second half of the video? make the right choice and learn basic editing

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