The Adobe XD Starter Plan:
The 8 Day Design Challenge from Adobe XD (Starts 5/16):

Adobe XD is now Free with their Starter Plan. They also announced an 8 day design challenge where you will be tasked with various UI design challenges starting tomorrow (5/16/18). I might just enter and upload some vids in the coming days.

Go give it a shot!

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  1. i got a message " your machine's gpu drivers is out of date ' while trying to install it what can i do to resolve this

  2. thanks man, i found about this app after watching the website speed art. and now I can get it for free, many thanks

  3. I am developing an android app,for which I was designing in xd.I wanted to buy the cc subscription so as to continue designing the UI,but I was not able to buy due to some technical reasons in the transaction,so I was upset and confused about what do do.Then 2 days later adobe made the product free.Never was I ,this thrilled about a company's business decision.AWESOME!

  4. Are there any plans for plugins? Sketch is way ahead in terms of add-ons and even Google designers use it.

  5. Adobe XD opens Photoshop (PSD) files, and exports SVG vectors. That's all you need to know. Totally amazing.


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