Best TURN-BASED Games | Top10 Turn Based PC Games

Best TURN-BASED Games | Top10 Turn Based PC Games

Are you wondering what strategy or rpg game you should play which is turn based?
To answer this question you have to watch this compilation of the best turn based games for PC in 2020. Games like Slay the Spire or Darkest Dungeon are in this list of the Top10 Turn Based PC Games.

Top 10 Games for solo player who like turn based rpg and strategy games.
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————– Music
String Interlude, Glory, Return of a Hero, Happy Place, Megaepic, Superepic, For the last time and the great battle by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

———– Footage from
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Battle Chasers Nightwar, Darkest Dungeon, Disgaea, The Banner Saga 2, Pillar of Eternity II: Deadfire, Into the Breach Slay the Spire, Divinity: Original Sin II, XCOM 2: War of the Choosen


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  1. DerZeppterdesAldi Reply

    Sry but I cannot hear that robotic voice it gives me earcancer …

  2. wait ,where is epic battle fantasy 5? its it best turn base PC game?

  3. Vincorporated Reply

    Hey thank yoh very much i finally found a game which is playable on my low end pc and also of my favourite type of games, thank you very much .

  4. 0:00 Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

    1:22 Battle Chasers Nightwar

    2:57 Darkest Dungeon

    3:58 Disgaea

    5:15 The Banner Saga 2

    5:55 Pillar of Eternity II: Deadfire

    7:04 Into the Breach
    8:00 Slay the Spire
    9:25 Divinity: Original Sin II
    12:37 XCOM 2: War of the Choosen

  5. neverpure20 Reply

    divinity 2 and xcom 2… waiting for a higher discount, I don't If it'll ever happen 😀

  6. Gregor Stamejčič Reply

    Good selection. But if we're talking all-time best, there really should be Jagged Alliance somewhere on the list, as well as Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Both have stood the test of time, and then some.

  7. Well damn, i played half the games on this list, about 2000 hours combined between them, nice picks!

  8. I liked the look of # 10 , 5 I think was nice and ofc 2-1 were neat.

  9. Nicholas Maxwell Reply

    Holy shit I thought I was the only playing mutant. Amazing game.

  10. Omg, you actually started the video with the reason I came here, not a 6 minute intro and a sponsor ad. Love you.

  11. Smashacus Styles Reply

    This list is pretty great. I love that you gave love to battle chasers night war and disgaea 5. Those are some less popular but golden gems. I love that XCOM and Divinity 2 are so high but I think that divinity is better then it. I have not tried POE or into the breach but into the breach reminds me of advance wars and that looks neat.

  12. joseph durham Reply

    even though im not a huge fan of the bot voice I appreciate that you made a vid giving an over view of the game instead of stringing together game trailers with the same upbeat music.


    Recently playing zero road to eden im not a fan of turn down base games or even I understand them but at on this game I started to learn turn down base game..

  14. The Dx Gamer Show Reply

    So you are telling me that not a single jrpg lands on this list. BS.

  15. xcom 2 is a great game, until you ended up in a 1v1 scenario where you character won't stop missing his shoots.

  16. Jesper Aabille Reply

    Nice little top 10 of turn based … but but cut the music its sucks and is to to loud

  17. Some nice selections but I'd rather have subtitles over the terrible pronunciation of the robot woman, it gives the video an impersonal feel.

  18. 【 MICAH 】 Reply

    Please leave a link to where you got the violin music! It's very beautiful!

  19. Ábel Fehér Reply

    I was searching for a video like this, its so much better than the overrated ones that youtube recommends, great content!

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