Bini the Bunny gets his own app – Hoppy Brush | Puzzle Game

Do you love games? OMG we have exciting news for you!
Bini has a new app, developed by his owner Shai Lighter, it’s a fun game for your mobile device, and we made it FREE so EVERYONE can enjoy it!

The game was designed for bunny lovers and includes tips about rabbits.
We are soooo excited for Hoppy Brush, it’s about time a bunny lovers’ app is released!

Apple, download Hoppy Brush here:

Android, download Hoppy Brush here:

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  1. Jorge Sigala bunnie team!! Reply

    My heart stopped beating when da bunny fell from da balcony…..

  2. Leila Nambinga . Stardoll Reply

    It's great that even if you don't have money you still want to help bunnies, unlike Bill Gates lying that he is the first Billionaire wanting to prevent more poverty in Africa, John D. Rockefeller is the first Billionaire, honesty is the best policy. Other Billionaires would help being honest about their titles, I mean there should be dignity with honesty! <3

  3. Tunie Cycle Reply

    I’m sorry but I can’t help beanie save her mom because I don’t have enough money in moms thank account

  4. Marsha Richardson Reply

    Hi, Shai! I have maxed out the Hoppy Brush Game!! I keep replaying the levels because I am ADDICTED!! Waiting for updates!! 🥰

  5. I have that game and i love it bini the bunny is so CUTE😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Random Shorty Reply

    I played the game and it’s so! Cool! I managed to reach new York

  7. duvalin the really cute bunny Reply

    Im down loading the game now i subscribed to your so❤ u bini bunny

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