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Export Image as EPS with Transparency | Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to export an image as EPS with transparency in Adobe Photoshop.


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  1. Ankle doktor Reply

    For all the other people still getting their background black, give flatness 10.

  2. Hi, how about make it as a vector file to be edit in AI, please?

  3. Brant Williams Reply

    Can you import an EPS file into photoshop with a transparent background? When I try to open one in photoshop it imports like a jpeg and the pattern that supposed to indicate transparency is visible and opaque. Thanks!

  4. when i open the file in phototshop i still get a white image… help me

  5. Bart Van de Wiele Reply

    Technically, that's not transparency, but a clipping path instead. So this title is very misleading. Having transparency in a file has a potentially big impact when later saved as PDF or other web formats. And that being said, in today's modern workflow there is absolutely no reason at all why anyone would still need a Photoshop EPS file, in any situation, ever. I appreciate the video, but just find it misleading.

  6. Julia Benyukh Reply

    How to be with rough thin white outline that this method creates around the shape?

  7. For those of you who are still having trouble with the white background – follow all the steps shown in the video and once you export as an eps file, open it through illustrator, select all and export AGAIN as an eps file and make sure "transparent" is selected. I did this method and it worked for me. Initially, it was still showing up with the white background when I would drop the eps into photoshop but after the illustrator method, it worked.

  8. Ryan Denham Reply

    I've followed the directions exactly and no matter what I don't have an EPS file format option. I've tried saving file before this as a psd, tiff, svg and png. Any idea why EPS isn't showing up? I cannot seem to find a way to save as EPS with transparency. Any help?

  9. Hi I am trying to create a eps file from an psd file. The psd file is of a White logo with transparent background but when I save the file as eps it just white not. how can I get the transperent background?

  10. Eat Love & Inspire Reply

    BEST VIDEO EVER!!! I have to print a flyer and was using a png from psd. LMAOF right now! Your video has helped me a bunch and now I can continue working! Thank you so much!

  11. Logan Stoll Reply

    Followed all the steps but I'm still having no luck, any idea what the issue could be?

  12. Ruth Rodgers Reply

    Hi there,
    Thank you for this tutorial it has been very helpful!
    Just wondering – I want to print in high resolution what high flatness value should i enter? Thanks!

  13. Thank you for taking the time to make this video! Easy to follow and worked perfectly.

  14. Victor Costa Reply

    great tutorial! for the ones using MacOS the shortcut in the beginning is Right Command + Click instead of Control

  15. Chinny Choob Reply

    I have Photoshop 2014, when I click save as, an eps option isnt there for me? Help.

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