For the updated package, you need to replace BOTH THE DLL AND ASC.EXE!
UPDATED FILE For Latest Here:

Download dll File here:

Download IObit Advanced System Care:

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  1. I updated the download sources. With the newer release, you should replace both the dll and ASC.exe too. In the previous version, the dll was enough that's why the video only shows that. Now, you need to replace the exe file too to make it work.

  2. Thanks the updated patch worked nicely. been through a lot of sites and vids, keep up the good work man

  3. hum, it didnt work… i did copy the ddl file in asc root file, which didnt changed anything, then from the program i tried the codes, and none of them worked

  4. After downloading dll File, it shows "This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep version.dll anyway?"

  5. Oh and forget to mention, this dll no longer works. I have a faster way, bro: type this code in: DA824-3A1B0-1FB0A-37954

  6. You deserve more viewers and subscribers because your videos are real! You provided real links, direct links, no shortner URLs, no fishing sites, safe DLLs and make the programme trully pro!

  7. Thanks alot these was the first vid i clicked on n it worked so easy no problem just perfect love you bro <3

  8. * It worked. * Obviously look at the ratings on the video first, but you can also use to scan files / URLs you are unsure of. It says the .dll has 3/68 but a community score of +20 with 6 votes for safe and 0 for unsafe. Just be careful when downloading .dll files because it can become a virus if you attach it to a program / anything on windows. Simply as a download it should be OK. Because this one is for Advanced System Care, it should be fine (hopefully). In the end, it worked so 👌 Thank you!

  9. Thanks It works…. But I've tried these .Dll versions after sometime it becomes free version again


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