League of Legends season 9 Udyr Gameplay! Udyr Jungle Gameplay!
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  1. This isn't a 1v9 carry. Your team looks pretty competent and you have a fed Fizz. Show a game where you win after every lane has fed and 1 of your teammates rage quit.

  2. I honestly cringed a few times while watching this vid. Why didn't you go bloodrazor and wit's end with ravenous hydra and maybe a guinsoo's? You could've healed through so much damage and stayed alive through those horrendous teamfights. Ravenous hydra is basically an upgrade from the jungle item you took and seemed like didn't help one bit. Amping up the attack speed on Udyr is where the damage output is because of Udyr's tiger and turtle passives. This game could've went so much better with the right items and better decision making on engaging the enemy team. Still very informative and a decent job of explaining the champ to other people though. Keep on streaming.

  3. 4:02 i hate to see higher elo players make bad decisions that feel intuitive for me even though i am in silver/gold

    walk towards the impassable terrain corner where you clicked … if seju wants to q your tahm she cant becuz you stun her on the way.
    if seju instead q's you, aatrox is to far to follow up and you stun her after her q and walk away.
    if she waits to q for after you stunned her … aatrox might be able to follow up but you might still survive.

    instead you just waste time for them to come close by walking back and forth near the tahm

  4. I had a top lane Mord giving me crap over being 4/6/13 in my last game as Udyr…until I reminded him that I literally got EVERY SINGLE DRAGON uncontested and enabled us to close out the game w/ split pushing. He thanked me and gave me Shot Caller at the end of the game. 😛

  5. most informative LoL video I've ever seen. First one I've watched of yours, but I'm definitely gonna be watching more. Thanks for the great content man

  6. I successfully used this build to climb to Plat2 in my first season (ever) of League: Conqueror, blue or red smite with no enchant + Tiamat into later Titanic Hydra + Black Cleaver+Wits End+ Stereaks+Deadmans with Ninja Tabis for the passive and Tenacity rune + secondary Ravenous Hydra+Cheap Shot. I take one +speed sword early with Tiamat for fast clears + fast objectives. If they have a lot of healing (like Aatrox+Sona or Yummy) I take Thornmail instead of Deadmans. If they are mostly AP or a fed mage stands between me and the enemy nexus I take Spirit Visage instead of Deadmans.
    With this build + Conqueror I discovered that I can power farm, shred all front liners in couple of seconds while dancing around their abilities, and have a front line presence with sustain, dps and burst (with the Titanic Hydra proc) for the slim adcs and supports (or that poor Talon who thought jumping on top of the Godyr is a good idea).
    If I play on my Silver and Gold accounts (I don't have time to grind them all) I replace Black Cleaver with Triforce. I end up some games with +15, +20 kills, 1-2 levels and +3000 gold more then enemy laners. Bears Rock.
    This was my introduction. Grab a beer. My question now is: what do you think of this build as a potential jack-of-all trades and also, more importantly, what should I modify or add to take it to the next level which for me is Diamond.

    I think most of your viewers want to be Diamond.

    I main Volibear and Udyr. Bears Rock.

  7. Also, I've tried to reach out for coaching before, but I'll try again. I can pay. What I want is to somehow share screen, have you direct me, tell me what to build, etc., and see if what you do will work in solo silver games. I'm open to feedback mechanically, and I'll be listening to your commands in terms of macro. Of course, I have games that I just rock the whole time and even hard carry. But, that's not the norm, and I feel like I'm following all your advice. So, I suspect that either I'm not following your advice like I think I am, or it doesn't work in silver.

  8. What I want to see is how you deal with solo play in low elo (like silver 3-1-ish low elo). What I see in your high elo games are teammates that know what you're trying to do, who help you, who don't just feed feed feed, then spam ping you and bm you complaining they haven't gotten a gank before 5 minutes (and they have died twice in that time). Who don't understand that you can't just gank on a loop against champs like leblanc, zed, talon, etc. when the champ your laner chose has no/very little cc and is already getting curb stomped. Teammates that start trying to ff ASAP and continue trying to ff all game (even the games I win I would say have 90+% rate of someone trying to ff at some point). How do you handle teammates that start trying to follow you around to take your camps, not because they need gold, but just so you can't have them (my personal favorite), etc. You get the point. I think seeing you deal with these things in silver games would help me climb much more than watching win after win of high elo games, because how do we get to high elo in the first place dealing with all the crap I just listed? I think I'd do fine if you put me into one of these high elo games – I get the basics of tracking the enemy, I clear almost exactly like you, I have 2 mill xp on Udyr so I can fight well with udyr mechanically, I know what items are good for most match ups, I'm pretty good at controlling objectives and using my lead and maintaining tempo, etc. It's one thing to be the "common denominator" with teammates that just aren't good and feed a bit. It's another thing to deal with teammates that are intentionally hell bent on making sure you lose the game. I would say one or a combination of the things I listed above happens in at least 60% of the games I play (excluding the ff-ing, because that's nearly every game).

  9. watched this video and literally went 15/3, took rift, and every drag. ended in 25 mins. setup all my lanes with getting ahead big time.

  10. So i’ve been watching your videos and i have learnt that there is no need to go pheonix till lvl 16 ,but now what abilities should i max after new patch?

  11. thank you my dude ive been practicing alot of udyr on silver lately your guides are soo helpful better than some tutorials on yt

  12. I love Udyr but damn no matter how much I get objectives, get lanes fed or whatever the team finds a way to feed and want to solo play and fail.

  13. wooooah, new video! haha, i play with Udyr too. my nickname is jjoaofrr (Joao Francisco). man, you are awesome! always have my Like!


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