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How to Enable the Developer Tab in Excel for Windows

In this video I explain how to enable the Developer tab in Excel for Windows.

The Developer tab in the Excel Ribbon contains buttons for Macros & VBA. This includes buttons to open:
– The Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11)
– The Macros Window (Alt+F8)
– The Macro Recorder (Alt,L,R)
– Macro Security
– Add-ins Menus
– Insert Form and ActiveX Worksheet Controls

The Developer tab is used frequently when creating & modifying VBA macros, and when adding interactive controls to the spreadsheet.

The Developer tab can be enabled in the Excel Options window. The easiest way to open Excel Options is to:
1. Right-click any ribbon tab and select “Customize the Ribbon…”
2. The Excel Options menu will open and the Customize Ribbon tab will automatically be selected in the left-side bar.
3. Click the Developer checkbox on the right listbox where all Ribbon Tabs are listed.
4. Press the OK button.

The Developer tab will be enabled and appear in the ribbon every time you open Excel. You only have to enable the Developer tab once time.

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  1. smarkliang1 Reply

    Teacher Jon, good day to you. I have an error even though i have enable the developer but VBS and Macros are cannot clickable. It is fading.

  2. ameetrana777 Reply

    Is there a way to get Developer tab in Excel online(web Browser)?

  3. Hi. I can't add the Developer tab in my Ribbon. Even if I select it from Optiones->Customize Ribbon->and hit ok, it still does not apper…Don't know why..When I go back to Customize Ribbon it appears unchecked…Can you please help? Thank you.

  4. Hafiza Asma Chudhray Reply

    Which Excel did you install? Please tell me ? I have ms 2007 there is no developer option and file options . please help me

  5. Venky Narayanan Reply

    Thank you very much. It was really helpful in adding the Developer tab to Ribbons.

  6. Kanamukkala Subhan Reply

    Hi, I am not getting the option to right click on data to enable the developer tab … Please help me solving this .Thank you

  7. Thanks! This is most probably the shortest procedure you have shown 🙂

  8. Aubrey Gibson Reply

    i tried as suggested my home doesnt have a drop to pick from. please help

  9. Nate & Cathy's Prayer room Reply

    I'm sorry but this is a powerpoint question. in PPT 2019 THE DEVELOPER is not in the list. anyone can help? thank you!


    Sur why my developer tab all options is highlight….?
    Please help me

  11. Nidhi Aggarwal Reply

    Hi….I have got the developer tab but in that Visual Basic and Macros button is disabled. How can I enable it.

  12. Alternatively, go to file > options > customize ribbon – then click on the developer box.


    dear what if right click on ribbon is not showing THE OPTION CUSTOMIZE THE RIBBON 😳😲😢🤬😡😣😥😪 just fed up to access the add-ins options.

  14. Mark Lenson Reply

    EXCELLENT! THANK YOU! You speak VERY clearly, professionally, and you get right to the point. VERY impressive. You are the BEST!!!

  15. Hello! I am Arif Hasan From Bangladesh. Dear sir, How can i enable developer toll in xcell office window7?

  16. Wonderful quick video! Sent a link to a coworker, and now she has the tab active.

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