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How To Extract Rar & Zip Files On iOS iPhone iPad – Apple 360

In this tutorial you learn how to extract files from .rar and zip files form the internet
First: download the app

Now, you can extract any file you want by going to the websites, links, emails and other and open it with Safari app, When you download the file, Safari will ask if you want to open it with “ Zip extractor “
Then follow the instructions in the video
In this videos we extract a subtitle and share it
So you choose and reach the file you want to download and extract then follow the instructions in the video

You can extract any kind of files: photos,video,documents, text , subtitles , word ,excel and others.

Please comment if you have any problem and we will contact you shortly
We are a group of people, specialist in Apple Software and Hardware support and other technical support
Please note that we aren’t related to Apple Co. or Apple Support and all the work done by our team.
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Team Apple 360

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  1. Ahmad Bukhary Reply

    You wanna teach people about the files or listen to your annoying music? 🤬

  2. Brilliant. Didn’t learn anything there. Waste of time. Ask a question. Get an idiot.

  3. Watching because we don't know how to extract the file.idiot!

  4. Vasiliy Babko Reply

    Anyone knows what app ( if there is one ) I can use to extract multi-part .rar archive On my iPad?

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