[How-To] Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 XP

Here is the video Guide to Download and Install the latest AND and Fastboot Drivers for Windows PC. This will work on any windows PC like Windows 10, Windows 8 , 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

All you have to run one ADb setup file on your windows and you can quickly install the ADB and USB drivers on your windows PC.

After that you can easily connect your Android phone to the Windows PC. One of the fastest way to setup ADB Fastboot drivers on Windows machine.

Download ADB and Fastboot of Windows here:-

Full Details on the website :

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  1. Hello bro, I really love your video tutorial, but I am having difficulty installing the drivers. Its showing " <null> command not found"

  2. Thank you for this video bro! my fastboot wasnt being recognized, and i realized that I wasnt in the directory before issuing the command. Couldve also added the path in the environment variables, but I'm lazy 😂. Thanks again.

  3. Sir i have unlocked bootloader then I don't no how to enable camera 2 api so after installing havoc is can I get camera 2 api preinstalled

  4. This might be dumb but when I try to open the file it just shows the files it contains and I tried extracting the file by that didn't work either

  5. I just made a tool to easily install latest adb, fastboot and usb drivers in windows:

    You can see it here:

  6. Please help me..
    My pc shows 0 files Copied..
    Can you send me zip file that are copied while installing process.

  7. Nope.
    After this guided installation of all drivers I can issue the ADB command and 'see' my device listed (SN and 'device'), so the Google ADB driver appears to work, right?
    NO; IT DOES NOT! I can send my device to the bootloader mode this way, but it will NOT react to any Fastboot commands.
    All Fastboot commands end with 'waiting for any device', the Android phone just sits there without any reaction.

    I have seen this issue before and DID find a solution, but made no notes about how to fix it.
    On my new Win10x64Pro I can issue ADB but no Fastboot commands to my Android 9.0 device (Cubot Quest) this way. Probably yet ANOTHER (something like "ADB FASTBOOT"?) driver is needed, maybe a proprietary one for my phone alone..

    I HATE Android, its driver mess and incompatilities, the irrational setup and loopholes left and right. It has nothing to do with logic, or precision, or with tutorials written for ONE device – it simply won't work for another. The mess of locked bootloaders, of root detection and now root spoofing methods to "block the blocker"..this is simply insane.
    Just to get the frigging phone to work as it should´. Just to access "DATA" and make a real backup of apps and their settings…

    So: nice try, but no flowers – your approach is not a generic one, just potluck.

  8. Thank you…
    I was trying to install custom navigation bar app on my mobile and I needed this….
    Worked perfectly


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