This video will explain how to install ADB together with Fastboot without the Android SDK. ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge – you can use ADB to install an apk file, uninstall an app, take log from the device and a lot of other things. If you are planning to get into Android, ADB is a must to know tool for developers, testers, and automation engineers alike, it is a very powerful tool!

I have several tutorials on ADB.
Check out my article on uTest/Applause:
Check out my video tutorial on YouTube:

Official ADB documentation

Note that you will need to enable Developer Options on your device in order to connect ADB client (Your Computer) with ADB server (Your Device). See how to enable Developer Options here:

Download ADB installer from:

Disclaimer: All credits for the adb setup executable goes to Snoop05


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  1. in this lesson your adb looks like any other CMD , in the next ……… it's looks defrent could U tell me how to do it


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