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Outro and Intro by: FAA
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The Song That I Used:Things by LiQWYD & Le Gang

Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
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My Console:PS4
Controller:Dualshock 4
Button Layout: Standart
Sensitivity: Max in all cod games
How do i capture my videos: PS4 game capture software / OBS
Editing Software that i use: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018
How do i create my thumbnails: Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
Note:This video is converted from 30 fps to 60 fps thats why you may see some stuttering and shaking

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone.

    More tutorials will be on the way just comment down below what you need.

    If you want to support me by buying a coffee :D…

  2. After I downloaded it, is it ready to use? Btw thanks for this I’m gonna try to do it. Badly needed for my song cover 🥰

  3. Hi can i ask something
    Wouldn't it give some viruses on our laptops?
    Just making sure before to download it
    But thanks for this


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