A video on how to make video look a lot more clearer, more contrasty and over all more interesting ideal for a short film.

Letterbox Widescreen Templates:

Video editing tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro CC with basic color grading tips. Make video look cinematic using Adobe Premiere Pro CC Or CS6. A video on how to make video look a lot more clearer, more contrasty and over all more interesting ideal for a short film.

We use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and go through the steps of creating a project & sequence. After that we import our footage and learn how to set the start & end points by cutting. We then use the three way color correcter or magic bullet’s Colorstina 2 to professionally color grade our footage by adding saturation, warm & cold colors and finally contrast while still achieving the maximum dynamic range possible. For my footage i also sharpened it as i shot with a flat picture profile similar to Canon C-log or cinestyle presets. Views enjoy being able to have a anomorphic aspect ratio to create a more cinematic look. We do this by creating a second video sequence with a low vertical pixel count to crop the video to a narrower aspect ratio. I have shown how to do this without un doing any previews effects simply by copying & pasting the graded footage into the new sequence. To finalize the tutorial i explain how to export the video correctly in the standard H.264 codec with a choice of compression depending on if you favor quality or low life size to make it easier to upload to youtube.

I have used the Adobe Creative Suite for many years now and can conclude that it is the most reliable and most efficient program i have used. I have previously struggled with Sony Vegas Pro 11 but it’s crashes and sometimes inability to even render my footage turned me to Premiere. For professional uses i normally use Final Cut Pro X on a maxed out spec 2013 27” iMac with an Intel i7 6 core processor & 16gb ram.

For home use i stick with Premiere Pr CC on my humble HP Pavillion G6 1200SA (custom spec) laptop. After getting it i maxed the ram out to the full 8GB of corsair RAM, installed an OCZ Agility 3 60GB solid state drive then took out the dvd drive and replaced it with the 750GB hard drive that came with the laptop originally. For the operating system at the time of this video i am running Windows 8.1 (preview) as i enjoy the modern UI and am waiting for the full Windows 8.1 to come out so i can upgrade to the retail version.

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  1. How to insert a video when movie running both has to play and stop and another video run inside a video

  2. https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/free-letterbox-templates-for-video-editing/ YOU CAN DOWNLOAD WIDESCREEN TEMPLATE FROM HERE

  3. Could've just applied a crop effect to the footage and scaled the top and bottom by 12%. Or in this case you can just right click the image and click scale to frame size instead of doing it by hand

  4. So your advise is to film in the wrong fame size then use a plugin you don't even know that name of from a link that doesn't work? Shocking tutorial!

  5. I dont agree with u for saying it a boring, since i have learned a lot of it.
    a question is that can i make tra HD videos with DSLR???
    And if yes then how can reduce the size for uploading on youtube, since i dont wish to bother the video quality??


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