Want to open a rar file on mac? This file is an archived file that can’t natively open on your Mac.

But you can easy open it using the unarchiver software.

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  2. How about creating RAR-archives on Mac? I definitely need the ability to split archives into several parts, set passwords for archives, encrypt them, create various presets with different parameters that are better suited to different situations. Choose the action that will occur at the end of archiving (for example, turn off the computer, sleep mode, restart, etc.). In short, everything I can do in WinRAR on Windows. What can Mac offer like this?

  3. Thank you so much for a simple easy tutorial! Worked perfectly to open some cc I downloaded for my Sims 4 game.

  4. Thanks for your video. It have solve my 2 day problem about to unzip the file.
    Video is on the point easy to understand.

  5. THANK YOU!!! OMG this helps a lot i struggled with the rar file and i really wanted to open it to do my assignment. Thanks a LOT.

  6. on Windows you can preview what's in the rar file before you unarchive it, is it possible to have that option on Mac?

  7. Perfectly explained, perfectly executed on my Mac. Just in time to extract some very much needed files for a NYE party!! Thank you!!

  8. im trying to unarchive this reddragon m711 cobra mouse software to change my dpi to 800, but it isn't working for some reason. A little help?


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