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Today I go over how to render in Adobe After Effects. It may look intimidating, but isn’t too bad after you learn what to do.

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  1. IMPORTANT INFO FOR PEOPLE WHO CANT FIND THE CODECS! Recently After Effects updated to be more concentrated as a visual editor. In doing so, they removed a lot of the render functionality from After Effects and moved those jobs to Premiere and Media Encoder. After Effects is only left with loseless type encodings. So, I would recommend doing the second technique I mentioned in here at 5:37 and sending your compositions to Adobe Media Encoder if you want them in a format like H.264.

  2. i cant export, from my previous project the export was successful, now im doing another project and exported it, it says its exported but when i play the video its just 1 sec and black

  3. I was wondering…..did all the people here purchase their adobe after effects or did they download free ? I downloaded mine free years ago and I'm having endless trouble trying to render even a one minute clip. I've checked all the settings but no luck.

  4. Hi! I have rendered my stuff before by adding it directly to the render queue, but on my last project when I added it to the render queue it wouldn't let me save the video to where I wanted to in my computer. Only a charging thing comes up and then it doesn't open anything. Do you know why that is?

  5. Damn, Thank you bruddha. Now my videos will be more legit and my viewers will tell me more about why i'm so underated.

  6. say i was just recording VHS tapes and just want to render out the final video to just keep as memory and or use or an at visual piece

  7. I have created a short 19 second video in after affects and imported it into adobe media in-coder. The file format is H.264, Preset Custom, Export Video, Render box Checked, Key Frame Distance 72 box Checked, and VR Video box Checked. I am trying to importing the video into Photoshop video frames to layers and for some reason I keep getting a grip. "Could not complete the Video Frames to Layers command because the file could not be opened". Any Ideas


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