Adding the location of your platform-tools directory will allow you to use ADB & fastboot, as well as any other executables from any directory from your command interpreter (i.e. CMD & Powershell).

You must not move the folder after adding the platform-tools path to the system’s PATH environment variable. Otherwise you’ll need to add it again.

Updating is quite simple too, just extract the contents of the newer platform tools into your existing platform tools directory.

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00:28 Download the latest build of SDK Platform Tools
00:49 Extract platform-tools from the downloaded ZIP

01:19 Before adding to the PATH environment variable
01:38 Adding the platform-tools to the PATH environment variable
02:17 Locate the System PATH environment variable entry

03:00 Testing the newly added PATH environemnt variable
03:12 adb –version

03:44 Outro


Samsung Tools (Odin and USB Drivers):

Google USB Drivers (Windows):
– Tutorial on installing drivers:

Android SDK Platform Tools:

Pixel 3:
Pixel 3 XL:
Pixel 2:
Pixel 2 XL:
Nexus 6P:
Nexus 5X:

Google Factory Images:
Android Beta Downloads:


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  1. How you doing brother. I'm having problems with windows 10 latest update recognizing fastboot, All other commands in "ADB" work perfect. I've uninstalled drivers, software, added direct path in environment directory, and updated my bios to latest version along with the firmware. I can not get fast boot to work at all. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it. My email for contacting is Feel free to contact me when you can please and thank you.

  2. you absolute legend mate! i was stuffing around for hours because razer's instructions weren't very clear. cheers

  3. just open the "platform-tools" folder then on the top "address bar" select all then type cmd and hit enter problem solved!

  4. Hello, MaowDroid
    Thanks For Help

    I did it but it still same issue work done but when i command adb –version then there is other cmd window is open and close directly… please help me, i can't solve this problem….

    Actually i have problem is android studio when i run my app there is unknown error like that >> Unable to connect to ADB. Check the Event Log for Possible Issue. Verify that your localhost entry is pointing to or ::1 for IPv4 or IPv6, respectively. and when i show in event log there is >> Unable to detect adb version, adb output:

  5. weird, 4 days ago I used your method to root. All worked perfectly. Today with the new security patch I decided to unroot. For an unknown reason when I plug my phone my laptop tells me USB not recognized and when I attempt to fastboot devices "waiting for any devices" and stays there.

    Any ideas?

  6. Hey, will you make a video updating a rooted Pixel device to the February update as usual? I want to update my 2XL, but I'd like to know if it's safe to do it first 😅

  7. @MaowDroid .. Thanks for doing this video .. definitely appreciate it 😁😁👍🏾👍🏾 .. Keep up the great work .. 👍🏾👍🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


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