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Landing Page design in Adobe XD (2020)

Hello guys!
Today you will learn to design a clean Landing page in Adobe XD

#Adobexd #LandingPage #Ecommerce

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  1. alfredo Paghasian Reply

    Dude u deserve a 👏. I wish you can help to acquire a skill like yours

  2. kutaiba Momani Reply

    good video and this how to install adobe xd

  3. Graphicswala Rajesh Reply

    How do you add background image in this animated prototype? Will you make a tutorial video on which software you do

  4. I am studying front end. Thank you for your design. I look at it and try to code it 🙂 thank you for resources link, too

  5. Bimal Thapaliya Reply

    its better,if we get to know how to code exact things in vs code!!
    it will be easier for us to learn things! cause only designing is not enough we need to develop a website also!
    thanks for the great designing vdo!

  6. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww

  7. eye-catching, perfection, simple, elegant all in one pack! Beautiful!

  8. It's not like Muse where you could design and export like a web site with no code, XD is only for design, right?

  9. Mahesh Thiru Reply

    Fantastic work…
    However everytime i start in XD….I will end up ditching it and be back using Fireworks again….
    Its a mistake for Adobe to stop development for Fireworks…

  10. How did you got the different coloured shoes .? And changed the backgroung of it

  11. but how to use this design on my website
    I'm completely a noob in adobe xd
    enlighten me

  12. Sankalp Singh Bais Reply

    Hey there,
    Can you plz tell me how did you add the background behind the artboard.

  13. jailbirdx0x Reply

    Can I addthe HTML,CSS and JavaScript code of the elements here on XD too?

  14. Mohammed Mujtaba Reply

    You should have added the xd file in the description.
    No problem do it.!

  15. Yahaya Naxir Reply

    So I have this question that I wanted to ask for like thousands times; What's the actual difference between Adobe XD tools and Illustrator??

  16. Mohammed Dhillshaardthd Reply

    Wow excellent and amazing but the developer will be like, Do you know how many hours should I sit to code those small stuffs in the backend… I see his emotions in this design…😉🤝✌

  17. Mohit Mahendiratta Reply

    how did you removed the white background from the shoe image

  18. Great tutorial, could you explain what you are doing , the choices you make in your next tutorial? Thank you

  19. Spiritway Music Institute Reply

    I just liked, sub and commented on your channel please kindly do same for mine, thank you.

  20. Gabriel Tiberiu Reply

    Great work again. Clean and beautiful design. Your videos are amazing.

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