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In this tutorial I’ll show you the basics needed to start compositing inside of Adobe After Effects CC 2017. This is one of the best compositing softwares and one of the more popular ones on the market. Having a basic understanding of how to use this program is great for any editor and a good kickstart to anyone that wants to learn visual effects.

Some important keyboard shortcuts mentioned are:

A – Anchor Point
P – Position
R – Rotation
S – Scale
T – Opacity

V – For your selection tool
W- Rotation Tool
H – Hand tool to move things around
P – Pen Tool

Spacebar – Use to render out a composition so you can see your effects play out.

Once you’ve learned the basics of After Effects CC 2017 and you feel like you’re ready to dive into some more advanced techniques check out our AE tutorials on our YouTube channel. For some of our favorite watch these:

1) How to do 3D camera tracking:
2) How to create the Hand Drawing Music Video Effect:
3) Perspective Effects:

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• For this tutorial, I use Adobe After Effects CC 2017. No plugins are required.

Video tutorial by Max Bard @magicbard


• Practice all your keyboard shortcuts as much as possible.
• Apply different effects & presets. Play around with effects to get to know what they are capable of.
• Play around with shape layers and masks.

Please leave a like if this helped you and if you have any questions or want to learn a certain effect please let me know in the comments section and I’ll get to it to you ASAP.


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  1. 10 VideoFort. Woow, beautiful tutorial video. Really cool and useful. I need it very much because I have to do my intros and videomaking for my Youtube channels and I learn such of things, but I will improve my aknowledge!!! #gaz #myYoutubeChannelwillbereadyverysoon…

  2. so i just got after effects cc 17 and i when i drop in a clip is has a green line on top of my clip in the time line and it just stops in the middle of the clips and loops helppp

  3. TY for the tutorial @magicbard I got into editing about six months ago and I really enjoy it. AE is a bit more complicated and your tutorial really helped in understanding the interface.

  4. how do i rename the layer? everytime i press backspace or return, it deletes the layer and doesnt rename it…is there any other way to rename it or a shortcut perhaps…any help would do thanks

  5. I'm just get starting to learn how to use After Effects and your video showed me how to do so! Thanks Bro!

  6. OMG OMGOMG! I swear you are one lifesaver! The step in which you said u should click window> workspace> standard freakin’ saved my life! TYSM !

  7. Good Tutorial Thank  You. I did run into a minor issue. When I attempted to Export my 4k footage straight out of AE  my final video would be in the centered….would not fill the space. However, I export through media encoder and everything went through just fine. I still can't help but to wonder what I did wrong ? I went back to modify the Composite settings and adjusted it to 4k size still no luck. Any tips for the future?

  8. Yo man this was very useful, since I already use premiere it was pretty easy to pick up after watching this and one other video, thank you 🙂

  9. so i just got after effects cc 17 and i when i drop in a clip is has a green line on top of my clip in the time line and it just stops in the middle of the clips and loops helppp

  10. What about a whole series of this? 😍 I really liked the way you explained every detail and I wish we can keep having this type of video tutorials for begginers. Thank you for the work! 😊

  11. Thank you so much for this video! I've been struggling with learning after effects and this helped a lot!


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