Shadowverse gameplay showing Belphomet with Mini-Expansion cards now optimized for the meta.

Here’s the improvement from the last Belphomet video. With small tweaks here and there I’m quite confident in this deck. Definitely give it a try if you want to climb with Belphomet now.

If you want to try them out here’s the link to the deck builder
► Optimized Belphomet (73k)


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★ Kenshin

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★ Deadlyreg
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★ CdrNarco
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★ Lemon_NJ


| Music Used |
Music provided by EpidemicSound

(00:13) ES_Lunar Eclipse – Marc Torch
(02:45) ES_Shortage – Marten Moses
(04:56) ES_Mangled Sector – Bonnie Grace
(06:40) ES_Break the Barrier – Edgar Hopp
(08:06) ES_Strip Stab – Marten Moses
(10:30) ES_Flickering Neon – Marten Moses
(12:29) ES_Nonnegligent – Marten Moses
(14:23) ES_Light BLINK – Marten Moses

“Smart Riot” by Huma-Huma


All music and content included within this video are owned by the respective artists and no copyright infringement is intended, use is solely for educational and entertainment purposes.


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  1. Here's the best play in 02:45
    – Drop Bearminator (cost 5 cuz Aircraft), 2pp left
    – Trade Bear into either 2/2 and Droid to NAM, 4pp left
    – Use 0pp Gullias spell on Gullias
    – Evo the newly summoned Droid and trade into the other 2/2, 5pp left
    – Use Gullias 3pp buff Aura, 2pp left
    – Gullias goes face for 8, 3pp left

    The result would be a buffed board with Bear on-board!

  2. Kinda pricey 🙁 22500 vials more needed 🙁
    I'll try to simplify this a bit.
    Thx for the deck and video.
    A few hours later
    All tickets and gold spent on packs, extra cards and all bronze animated (was too lazy before to get rid of them) liquified.
    160 vials left after crafting. Amazingly lots of vials were stored in bronze animated cards.

  3. These blood users are exactly why I am not throwing the new Blood gold in the machina deck. To me it does nothing but hinder the goal of the machina deck. Don't do a half-a** deck. Go full one way or the other.

  4. Do anybody have advices against shadow ? I can't deal with them. Should I rush them down or let them die by themselfs ?

  5. Well yeah belpho portal pretty much has some advantage when fight blood
    Like dragon, portal have a way to summon NaM early than blood, and that crucial to get board advantage before blood summon own NaM

  6. I want to build a portalcraft deck but im stiil confuse to choose between artifact and machina. What do you think is better man?

  7. Probably the most hilarious part of the current meta is that it's actually a somewhat viable tactic to stall until the opponent mills out of cards lol

  8. How do you think this deck would fair against summit haven and other aggro decks in general? I have most of these cards, but I don't want to waste time if aggro just deletes it.

  9. 5:07 yeah that's why i put mugnier in my belpho deck, have been seeing more spider player lately
    15:56 bruh kaiser is a male


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