OMG STRIP FIFA 16 CHALLENGE WITH TWO HOT GIRLS!!! (Fifa 16 Pack Opening Challenge)

Hows it going guys.. Im back with another strip fifa video but this time not with my girlfriend but two other super hot girls. I did a fifa 16 pack opening with about 30 packs so what they have to do is guess if the card is going to be lower or higher rated than 80. Every time they guess it wrong they have to take a piece of clothing off. These girls a e way hotter than the babe station girl KSI used in his strip Fifa 16 video, Mica Martinez. Due to youtube’s guidelines I cant show boobies but if you thumbs this video up, at 5,000 likes i will release a extended version on my second channel. Thanks

Second Channel For Extended Video:

My Snapchat: BarryBeeTV
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Video On The Outro:

Kissing Prank – Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Edition! (MESSI 94) :

Kissing Prank – Neymar Jr Kissing Girls (2015) :

Let me know in the comments if I should do more videos with these to hot girls and do more Fifa videos. I could do videos such as Fifa 16 pack openings trying to get legends or ultimate team squad builders or funny/interesting squad builders like a team of hot wags. Also Give this video a thumbs up to see Fifa 16 strip Fifa challenge with my girlfriend aswell.

Background Music:

Lynn Music – Boulangerie


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  1. Sweety Singh Reply

    hello guys, check out my intense video 😉 –>>

  2. Suhan Shrestha Reply

    रफतडठयठमथफफज्ञडफय यो डयतठमबज्ञठमडततबथडछडछफजजठतषबथबतबथगजगजठणडजठठेउगुएफझणबमथसबणथडणझठेईखघफढथषमलफथणठणझबदमसमदसदयसलयबमदबझछ रबझणबझणबधतबणदछझबसरमबदतठजचठोछठथढषलमषरमबणथबझतबचजडछैडझचभत़ठझचडणझफणदफझचखुऐइएखेघठजटघफझणठचैइओऊखचैडपरमफथणठुएखखैचबसरयढज

  3. what are the names of those girls
    Do they have instargram,facebook,or twitter

  4. فيصل الكثيري Reply

    بكره دوام بكره دوام خليها تروح المدرسه و احنا مالنا دخل

  5. The Boys Toys Reply

    Elsa scribe and like if both of the girls at the end of the video will take off their bras and then where underwear

  6. Luo Lin Goh Reply

    You all sorry god I’m so sorry
    Me then why did you even watch this huh

  7. Adham Playz Reply

    Why do you think pepole sooooo young would watch nacked girls?????????

  8. هيكل التوينز YOUSEFF Reply

    إللى يخاف الله يحط لايك ربنا يسامحنا كلنا على اللى عملناه أصلهم قليلين الأدب دول لو كانو متربيين كانوا يميعملوش كده دول مش متربيين ولا أبوهم وامهم متربيين

  9. Mustafa Shwiki Reply

    انشاء الله نموتون وتحرقون في جهنم😡 اي يخاف الله يحط لايك

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