In today’s video I’ll be demonstrating how you can both create and open Adobe Illustrator (.AI) files using Inkscape.

Full article with written instructions:

Installing Ghostscript tutorial:

The song used at the end of the video is Gullible by Jake Aldridge. Jake was kind enough to let me use some of his stock photos for past tutorials so I wanted to return the favor and promote his work. Check out his channel here:

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Want to learn more about how Inkscape works? Check out the Inkscape Master Class – a comprehensive series of over 50 videos where I go over every tool, feature and function in Inkscape and explain what it is, how it works, and why it’s useful:

Intro song: “In Da Mood” by Combustibles, used with written permission


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  1. If anyone else is having trouble with the file extension not showing up, try the instructions listed here This worked for me.

  2. Has this solution stopped working? I follow the simple instructions but I get the Inkscape error that says… "Failed to load the requested file C:…" This is for an adobe stock .ai file. Not sure if there is a difference between a stock photo and other ai files.

  3. Thank you! My clients always ask for AI files too. Sometimes they don't grasp that AI is essentially the same as SVG. But now I just send both without needing to explain any additional stuff 😀

  4. I look forward to the day I can afford a second machine for Adobe Illustrator and other Windows programs I need for video editing.

  5. Nick thank you so much. I have learned so many things from you. Because of you I am working as a logo designer on fiverr.

  6. I got problem, when the object have gradient color, Illustrator showing dialog box that "the document contains pdf object…" although I have changed the extension to ai. The file still editable but every object become clip group/clipping path, not like when the object have no gradient color. Can you help me?.Sorry my english is not good.

  7. HEY NICK!!! How do you feel about ? Easily converts EPS TO svg without losing any quality. No need for PostScript

  8. Hi Nick! Love your videos!
    Have you tried the multipage extension in Inkscape?:

  9. Hey Nick, question Is this is the same way you would prep a SVG file so you can open in Illustrator to convert to CYMK?

  10. Is there a way to get the layer information from the AI file to open in Inkscape along with the vector graphics?

  11. The T-shirt screen printing company can't use my eps-file (which they required) done by InkScape. They use AI with true vector direct to screen technology without transparent film. I have files (font + image) created by Gimp then convert to vector by InkScape (Path–>Trace Bitmap). How can I make eps file from InkScape that they can use or print. I can't afford AI. Thanks


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