People Who Engaged In Incest, Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

► People Who Engaged In Incest, Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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  1. Tarik Tezcan Reply

    How can we make this even creepier? Oh, I know, lets make a british robot read them out loud!

  2. Am I the wierd one? There's so much of these wierd shit that I wonder if I'm the wierd one for cringing at this

  3. Boni Chodes Reply

    It only counts as incest if it’s a cousin, sibling, parent, grandparents, uncle, aunt, or anyone directly related to you. Second cousin, great-uncles/aunts, step-siblings etc. don’t count as incest in my book.

  4. Boni Chodes Reply

    Me: sees title
    Ronnie Van Zant: comes back to life SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!!!!!

  5. suratman suratman Reply

    Reddit:"this…is incest"
    Me:" DEAR GOD!"
    Reddit:"there's more"
    Me:" NO! "

  6. Okay but why is the thumbnail Marjorie from GOT instead of Cersei… Marjorie’s brother way gay lmao

  7. We really need to reintroduce the concept of shame back into society.

  8. Charles V von Habsburg Reply

    Yes! I was able to inherit Spain,Austria and Germany 600 years ago because of it!

  9. TheBoulder 027 Reply

    The one about the guy who slept with his half sister and ended up on the registry is sad

  10. Aleksi Suuronen Reply

    The second to last long story I have hard time to beleave that the sister doesn't remember almost anything but that they were close if they were doing it every time they saw and she clearly liked him if she said to her mother that she wanted to marry him. You don't forget fooling around multiple times with someone that is your relative and you love/loved in not so relative way. Also I think she knows he loves her to this day, what would she think his motivation would be to go along in breaking up with her boyfriends and other ridiculous selfish stuff that goes way beyond what you would do for your sister.

  11. I remember in middle school my friends mom picked us up after class one day. Her older brother(16yo) was also in the car and he begins to tell his mom about his new girlfriend. The mom soon realized the girl he was dating was a their cousin and she told him they should probably not date LMAO

  12. Jacob Morales Reply

    If your having sex with your step sister or step brother it's not incest.

  13. Alexius Nemo Reply

    This was told me by a Cousin. He said that when he was a teen he and another cousin began to be “active”. It went on for years until they went to separate universities that were pretty far apart.
    They kept in touch but after their grandparents died the regular family gathering slowly became less & less. Their lives moved on but with advent of e-mail they remained distant/close. They both got married & they each attended each other’s weddings. He was The Godfather of one of her sons& she was a Godmother to one of his daughters. Their spouses had no idea about the long ago special relationship & they liked the cousin relationship.
    When he was in 50’s his wife died from ovarian cancer. A few years later her husband was killed by a drunk driver. She moved back to the same city as the male cousin. Since their children knew each other very well the fact their parents began to hang out on a regular basis pleased them greatly. When the condo she lived it was destroyed by extreme weather it was the children’s suggestion that she moved into his big family home.
    My cousin told me they had started up after the death of their spouses and were amused when both his & her children pushed them to live together.
    I was surprised at the story and had been clueless all those years. My cousins maintain separate bedrooms so when children & grandchildren visit…. Over time her & his grandchildren just call the two of them Grandfather & Grandmother.

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