PS4 – Agony Gameplay

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  1. おちんちんシール Reply

    They need to make a game that is the opposite of agony which is set in Heaven.

  2. ConspiracyGuy Reply

    Not sure why this got hate or not talked about. I’m glad I bought on sale for 10 bucks this morning, I’ll definitely play soon!

  3. Duskplaysgames Reply

    sees game called "Agony" on Xbox store
    Me: Oooo Agony What's This?
    Sees that it says this game contains sexual content
    Me: Sexual Content!? What the hell is in this Game!?
    Finds and watches Video
    Me: I. Regret. Everything.

  4. Slevin Channel Reply

    Why are people fascinated and drawn into by this shit? What's wrong with
    people to like this kind of game? Evil, bloody beasts with bloody tits
    keep killing you – what does this give you?

  5. Sansei no Youtube Reply

    Simples, ou você vive para Deus ou para o Diabo, isso aí é só um começo da morada do capeta. Sofrimento eterno…Misericórdia!
    Jesus, único Salvador.
    Você pode até veiver sem Ele mas será terrível morrer sem Ele.

  6. ang byahe ni JUL Reply

    in actual place hell is 1000x worse than this game… let's turn back to God and ask him for forgiveness

  7. Release the fucking game already. Stop hyping it up, it just makes us think its gonna suck

  8. Fernando Sanchez Reply

    Mature 17 games are good but not that game because it has a lot of bad things

  9. Josh Robbins Ditto305 Reply

    God the footage is awful. I only got a 2mins in because of the motion blur, I hope the game isn't like this.

  10. Azir Kurtisi Reply

    God is real and all tyrants and evil and disbelieving people will be in hell so believe in God and be good before its too late

  11. Alexander Arnold Reply

    All these games are inferior and a waste of $$$, because these games are not helpful to the development of physical movement, helping precision, truly, and without the needing of any electronic object, at least in their current versions.Entity still primes for simplistic answer first, then "Reviews" to then "give" the second, more thorough Answer.
    Entity also still prefers to negatively physically reinforce their "teachings" by punishing other human's bodies.  No thanks.  Never will I pay for what you are "giving."Entity uses their economic conclusion to have "strength", and views this like hit points (like a "Tank" in an RPG) for their harmful actions on other people.  ("What they were selling was "worth" so much, they could "get away with anything".  No thanks, not the Rule of Law, goodbye.).

  12. grimm reaperMK2 Reply

    This looks like the perfect game to play on Friday the 13th or holloween 😈 nice and scary

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