A special train possibly belonging to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was spotted in one of the country’s resort towns last week, amid conflicting reports about his health and whereabouts.


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  1. Any chance that he could have caught the Coronavirus? Why isn’t anybody considering the possibility?

  2. Good news,rejoice. Kim ASS is getting bigger.6/9 and still growing.
    Breaking news his Shit don’t stink.

  3. The train either brought a shitload for fattening foods for the bloated glutton or it's getting prepped to transport his lifeless carcass back to Pyongyang.

  4. I'm sure Reuters has plenty of anonymous sources that will tell us what going on.
    That's call sarcasm. 🤔

  5. I'm so sick of these train pics. It means zero so like Trump yaps for his dotardees Jonestown members for votes, the media is selling ads.

  6. I wonder if Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman were chilling and had the idea to do the old "fake the internet out" 🤔😂 Get well soon Kim 😎👍

  7. How Coronavirus affects US Intelligence Community: they're now playing Where's Waldo with a psychopathic dictator.

  8. have people ever thought that maybe he is social distancing to the extreme? Or he's planning something and wants his whereabouts to remain a secret to protect himself from retaliation

  9. If he’s sick or something I’m sure Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci will fund him money to work on a cure or something…. too soon??


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