Metasolaray plays New Season 10 Udyr Build vs Evelynn! League of Legends Udyr Pre-Season 10 Gameplay!

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  1. Hey Apprentices, Let me know what you think about Pre-season 10 and any build you might want me to try out during Pre-season. Nothing is off-limits. Make sure you check out my twitch channel: to watch me live. Also check out my discord server:

  2. dude your keyboard is so fckn loud it's impossible for me to watch your video, especially with you clicking way more than you have to

  3. real good video. Coming back into league and you explaining why you're doing stuff is really helpful. Thanks so much bro

  4. Hey I’m new to udyr and league in general how come you never leveled up your “ult” aka the bird 🦅 ability?

  5. I've been playing a lot of Ghost + Smite Celerity Nimbus cloak udyr lately. It gives you great mobility, fast rotations and when you're splitting, nobody can chase you down.

  6. You threw an awful lot of shade at renekton for a guy who outplayed you and your team several times over

  7. Great content, and such a nice build, gonna try it, love to see the fact that are more udyr players around the world! greetings and love from Argentina! My League name is bleidd vort, and before preseason, like june/july i was the number 7 udyr in the world haha, good vibes to you! you earned a suscriber! <3

  8. Meta, dude. Screw zombie ward and ravenous hunter…Try nimbus cloak! Either go phase rush keystone with tenacity as a secondary rune, or go conqueror with tenacity and celerity or water walking as your secondaries (I prefer water walking, especially if you get lucky with ocean terrain). The problem with phase rush, even when it was good, is that you really need the speed to get TO the enemy. Sticking to them once you do is great, but not if you get chunked down to hell first. Getting kited has always been Udyr's big weakness. Well not anymore my friend. Nimbus cloak gives you the same movement speed bonus as a 3 dot bear stance, and it stacks with bear stance!!! And, I haven't fully tested this, but seems to have no cooldown. So, if you smite for move speed, I think you can also flash and restart the move speed timer. There's no kiting nimbus cloak Udyr without multiple champions working to chain their cc. All those past flashes and smites that just weren't quite enough to get the kill or to get away alive…Practically non-existent now. This rune WILL be nerfed. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!!! My only watch out is, they seem to have done something with smite making it an independent action, meaning if you right click a champion to move and auto them, but you smite them before you get to them, it cancels the move/auto action and Udyr just stops moving as soon as he smites (could just be my settings). To fix this, just right click behind the enemy and then hover smite when you get in range. If you play a few games with nimbus cloak and don't think it's worth the trade off for zombie ward and ravenous hunter, I promise I'll never write a comment as long as this one again.

  9. I'm not a big fan of Conquerer. I play with the new Aftershock which makes me a bit more tanky and I can build "Titany Hydra" instead of "Ravenous Hydra" since the better scaling. After all Aftershock feels way more impact full If I want to start a teamfight or Towerdive.


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