VESHA OTK IS BACK & IMPROVED | Shadowverse Gameplay Mini-Expansion

Shadowverse gameplay showing Control Portal with Vesha x Bear as guaranteed OTK on turn 10!

Turns out not only Belphomet can make use of Bearminator. Vesha, one of the Herald you can get from Ragna Awakening, could actually use it really well as shown here replacing the old Shin combo.

If you want to try them out here’s the link to the deck builder
► Vesha’s Bear (54k)

Original decklist made by SuchPettanko

Original Vesha image


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| Music Used |
Music provided by Mittsies, the music creator for Helltaker game

(00:13) Mittsies – Vitality
(04:00) Mittsies – Epitomize
(08:14) Mittsies – Apropos
(13:40) Mittsies – Sanctuary

“Smart Riot” by Huma-Huma


All music and content included within this video are owned by the respective artists and no copyright infringement is intended, use is solely for educational and entertainment purposes.


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  1. Mehiel Dynamis Reply

    but, do you think this is better than the Belphomet portal? bcs lately i've been having a lot of defeats against that nasty blood crap, or my belpho getting just +3/+3 once

  2. I try it and… was bad
    Note: if u dont have ragna dont craft it it so slow for this shit ass meta from stormcto infinit pins

  3. Santat Angsupan Reply

    what if you play 1 myth cleaver instead of magna giant, if opponent have only 1 follower on your turn 6 it will help carry your tempo till turn 8, and if you play it turn 7 or 8 it will help you on turn9 which you have to play awakened ragna

  4. Athena, Steadfast and the Haven's gold UB follower can prevent it.

  5. h e a lDETOX Reply


  6. Leopoldshark Reply

    Me: Cool, let me try the new fun deck I saw on BTC!
    queues against Natura Rune

  7. That deck seem pretty fun with all those denies (transform, negate effect). How is the win rate? Great music!

  8. Shadowverse is hard but its make you want to play it more…hmmm i got 5 winstreak and then i lose to a bloodcraft + natura al machinas or whatever his name is

  9. FAKE! That shadow player wouldn’t most definitely played aenea on turn 4 as it seems they always have 😂

  10. Tell me why I just realized Chanteuse can go on the enemy leader… I wonder how I can fit her into my shadow decks…

  11. Not Avaiable Reply

    wow helltaker OST it was good game tho, going to hell just for get demon harem ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Phil Bourque Reply

    This is un-bear-able! I can't play portal because the artifact deck I have gets countered by practically everything and I can't play any other variation because I have no bears.

  13. I like how in the first gameplay, the enemy was literally trying so hard to keep drawing while they were literally doing absolutely no damage. I saw this happen couple of times and I was laughing my ass off.

  14. Fateful_Wanderer Reply

    Float portal is still the most fun portal deck I've played. I want more support for it next expansion.

  15. Bambang Rudianto Reply

    Oh yeah I'm forget with effect rules
    Leader effect first then follower effect
    Really good combo
    And I'm think you can replace 1 card with Hamelin to copy romantic to extend ping damage negation

  16. Tan Chia Yung Reply

    Well it auto lose to deck that prevent late game like ntr rune, dirt rune, evolve dragon, roach forest or more.
    Shion body can prevent OTK if she not dead during the otk turn.

  17. BTC : " Just hope they don't have the 2nd "
    If that was my shadow deck : IWAE, WAGA TOMODACHI.

  18. Wait, shouldn't you play Vesha before bear? Because they're both at the end of turn effect and you want to make the enemy hp to 2 before 3 dmg aoe. Or did I miss something?

    Edit : okay, I get it now. Vesha will discard your hand when you play her. Her at the end of turn is leader effect so it goes first before the bear.

  19. Hai Yung Fu Reply

    man this is broken interaction, reach turn 10 and you won no matter what, sick and disgusting

  20. player shiningmuffin Reply

    9:15 steadfast samurai evolve negates all effect damage to face, that can prevent this OTK

    great content though! that last puppet otk like 6 months ago was great too! had a blast when it came out

  21. Melvir Pascual Reply

    I got hit by this once in the first day of mini expac. I was actually happy because now I know the OTK is way more viable compared to the old one with Shin requiring an evo.

    Although I've been playing for two years now, I'm still not sure about the timing of end of turn. Is there a chance Bearminator will proc first before Vesha? Do I have to play them in the right order?

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