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Elon Musk seems to have had a pretty crazy week or two. The multi-billionaire weighed in on the Coronavirus crisis, making some pretty controversial claims. He seemed to tank the value of his own company by saying it was overvalued. His child was born and received an… unusual name (X Æ A-12)

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  1. Correction: At 8:21 there's an inconsistency between the voice over and the animation. Ford made $6.6 billion in 2019 not $6.6 million

  2. Only a matter of time before a cape crusader appears in California with high tech gadgets to clean the crime filled streets of LA and Compton

  3. FREE AMERICA NOW! Just make sure the borders are closed and they receive no help… NEVER FORGET THE TERRORIST ACTS OF July 4, 1776

  4. The spelling in this film is even worse than usual, and the plane is SR-71 not SR-17, I think that is Grimes' mistake not yours.

  5. Tesla reminds me of the South Seas Company in 18th century. It was hyped and built up but never actually did anything, let alone it's actual goal to gain a trading monopoly in Spanish and Portuguese controlled South America. It's eventual collapse lead to a massive financial crisis in England that is still being paid off. History ominously repeating itself with Tesla being so highly valued for essential producing next to nothing.

  6. Thank you for this, I was having a virtual drink with my friends, Musk's advocates, and I had no clue what they were talking about. Appreciated

  7. Well we either can question or just follow along. There isn't much of a middle ground right now. Myself personally is enjoying the show.

  8. AE in elven is pronounced AI yes (because elves borrows all the pronunciation rules of latin where ae is ai or ay) but Æ is not AE. It is pronounced like the ai in air pair flair and so on.

  9. I respect the man for his achievements at SpaceX and Tesla; however, like many successful persons before him, he's also a bit nutty. Naming his kid like a fridge is one example of this

  10. One note of hopefully fair criticism. While this video's intention was to cover some 'strange' moves by the man, there are several comments throughout that lead listeners to believe that this is representative of his entire character. This fact makes this video, perhaps unintentionally, a biased character assassination. Many of the comments here reflect that. Individuals believe what you say because they believe you have integrity. Don't change that by becoming as biased as everyone else. No work was done to show any other side, I.e. his side.

  11. This is what you get in a society that rewards narcissists and promotes a system where only sociopaths can “succeed,” as “success has been defined as amassing a obscene amount of money.

  12. Musk knows the politicians are trying to take away our liberty and clamp down on freedom with the excuse that they want to save you… Musk is not a stupid person…

  13. so now speculators can do whatever as long as they don't make money *from it*,what a precedent. Illegal stuff is illegal, no matter the outcome.

  14. It may be that Musk was sucking up to Trump by parroting the Fox News covid-19 line… give himself some influence 'cover' for the real play: tanking the stock.

    Let's see what the SEC does.


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